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Project logic and project management of learning mobility of individuals within programme Erasmus+ Youth

Autor: Hana Křížková

This work is dedicated to project management of non-formal educational projects financed by Erasmus+ programme and focused on youth and youth workers. It is divided into theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part explains the principles and aim… [READ MORE]

Influence of the free time activities of the children and youth in the Center of Leisure Time in connection with risky behavior.

Autor: Bc. Tereza Knötigová, DiS.

The theses is aboutleisure time centre activities and their infuence on children who inclinate to engage in risky behavior.The theoretical part concerns topic in conjuction with social pedagogy, risky behavior conditions, history of social pedagogy i… [READ MORE]

The Swedish National Youth Festival Länk

Autor: Jana Peřinová

Diploma thesis „The Swedish National Youth Festival Länk“ deals in its first part with the history of the founding of the festival as well as with its today’s form. Besides the platform that works in order to support the youth’s theatre production, t… [READ MORE]

Youths at risk and their immediate surroundings in which occur drug or alcohol addiction

Autor: Mgr. Jana Miholová

This work focuses on the work of NZDM staff with youths at risk and their immediate surroundings in which occur drug or alcohol addiction. In the first part of the text are defined theoretical concepts which I use in the research section. The researc… [READ MORE]

Lifestyle and influence of eating on high school youth

Autor: Milena Dvořáková

The aim of this diploma thesis is the lifestyle of the secondary school students of gastronomy in Prague. The responders are the students of Secondary School of Gastronomy and Hotel Industry Ltd. in Prague, teenagers of the age of 16-18 years, branch… [READ MORE]


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