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Resting activities and games as a variety of leisure time for long-term hospitalized children

Autor: Darina Lenochová, DiS.

The bachelor thesis provides instructions concerning the way how to meaningfully fill leisure time of long-term hospitalized children who have to observe a resting regimen on a bed or in a wheelchair within the treatment of Perthes disease. The theor… [READ MORE]

Fairytale as a tool for stimulation of attention and activity of children with developmental language disorder during a group therapy

Autor: Bc. Lenka Kružíková

The topic of this Bachelor‘s degree thesis is a fairytale activities as a tool for stimulation of attention, motivation and activity of children with developmental language disorder during a group therapy. The thesis is divided into two parts. In the… [READ MORE]

Contemporary literature for children and youth with religious and multicultural themes

Autor: Bc. et Bc. Vendula Benešová

The thesis deals with contemporary literature for children and youth with religious and multicultural themes. These are works that relate to matters of religion and mediation importance of faith. The important part, however, also form books in its co… [READ MORE]

Roma child, its health and position in Roma family

Autor: Zdeňka Hečková

The presented bachelor thesis deals with the position of a Roma child within the family, as well as with his or her health. The theoretical part deals with explaining the basic Roma meanings – the term of ´Romipen´, ´Roma´, ´social exclusion´, ´Roma … [READ MORE]

Support Services to Pubescents and Adolescents with Health Disabilities and their Carers in Areas of Sexuality

Autor: Michal Řepa

The thesis describes lives of mentally disabled adolescents who demand help in terms of sexuality. The theoretical part defines a disabled individual with either mental or multiple handicaps and describes a family and teachers around a disabled perso… [READ MORE]



Bite into the book

19. 12. 2017 — The set of worksheets is intended for pupils of the 1st to 3rd grades. Individual tasks aim to promote readership and to develop a positive link to books, as well as to support reading with understanding and developing vocabulary. Each worksheet supp… [READ MORE]

Hola, hola, school is calling!

19. 12. 2017 — A set of 64 games for preschoolers and young school children. These games are designed to develop children's thinking and imagination. The book also contains suggestions for creating the right mathematical ideas. [READ MORE]


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