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Youths at risk and their immediate surroundings in which occur drug or alcohol addiction

Autor Mgr. Jana Miholová
Organisation KSPSP FSS MU
Year 2018
Research type bachelor thesis
Annotation This work focuses on the work of NZDM staff with youths at risk and their immediate surroundings in which occur drug or alcohol addiction. In the first part of the text are defined theoretical concepts which I use in the research section. The research section is based on an analysis of five interviews with social workers of NZDM, which includes what is a source of support for the workers and what is a source of barriers in working with clients of NZDM‘s immediate surroundings. For workers wasn‘t answering simple, because working with clients’ surroundings isn’t primarily part of their work. Despite this they still found different supports and barriers in working with the immediate surroundings of the client, whether on a personal or organizational level. In some cases these two levels were intersecting. The research has shown that workers are supported by education, supervision, client’s thrust, distance and engagement. As barriers workers perceive a shortage of co-workers, poor level of education, uncertainty and overwork. Some sources of support and barriers were corresponding within the respondents, others were individual.
Keywords Social worker, youth at risk, low-threshold facilities for children and young people, problematic drug and alcohol use, family, peers, support resources, barriers
Research type unrepeated research
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Obor AK Sport, leisure time activities
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Research location Ano
Organisation KSPSP FSS MU
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Registry administrator Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Operator Národní pedagogický institut ČR
In cooperation Czech Council of Children and Youth
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