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Youth Unemployment rate

The youth unemployment rate is calculated by dividing the number of unemployed persons in given age group divided by the total number of people in the labour market (employed plus unemployed). The indicator is based on the EU Labour Force Survey. Be awere about the difference between Youth Unemployment Rate and Youth Unemployment Ratio by the interpretation.

Data source: Eurostat, [yth_empl_100], k 03-08-2018

Keywords: unemployment; youth unemployment rate

Youth Unemployment rate

in per cent, valid for those young people born to mother with residence in the Czech Republic at the time of birth

Data table

CZE 15 - 29 years of age6,411,713,211,913,212,510,78,97,35,24,43,6
EU 28 countries 15 - 29 years of age11,715,216,316,617,918,417,315,714,312,711,510,7
CZE 15 - 19 years of age24,834,939,541,646,243,337,330,924,722,418,615,8
EU 28 countries 15 - 19 years of age19,72425,526,427,627,125,723,621,820,118,315,4
CZE 20 - 24 years of age8,114,216,115,616,81713,510,89,26,65,54,5
CZE 25 - 29 years of age48,39,67,998,27,46,65,43,53,22,5

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