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How do moms. Psychological research of motherhood

Autor Zuzana Masopustová, Petra Daňsová, Lenka Lacinová a kolektiv
Organisation Fakulta sociálních studií
Year 2018
Research type monograph
Annotation The monograph of the author's team IVDRM FSS MU describes the psychological aspects of motherhood in today's women. Data from a research project focused on the beginnings of parenthood (from pregnancy to three years of age) puts in the context of current psychological knowledge in the field of child care, trends in education, ideals in motherhood or forming a relationship with the child. The publication offers a look at reconciling family and work life, the involvement of fathers in child care and the cooperation of parents in education. The monograph summarizes the results of the HOME - Children, Fathers and Mothers researches on the development and research of Yummy Mummy. The aim of the DOMOV research project was to map the appearance of today's families, how parents currently approach the upbringing and care of children and how they experience their parental roles. Respondents to the HOME survey completed online questionnaires from the third trimester of a woman's pregnancy until their child was three years old. At the beginning of the research, ie during pregnancy, a total of 1,181 respondents, mostly women, participated in the HOME research (the rest of the respondents were partners). Yummy Mummy's follow-up research focused on observing the interactions between infants and their mothers and on monitoring children's behavior in response to brief separation from their mothers. The aim of the research was to describe the connections between the personality characteristics of mothers, developmental and temperamental characteristics of the child and the mutual interactions of mothers and their children. A total of 131 women participated in the follow-up research. The research was carried out by direct observation, the first part of the research was a standardized procedure, the so-called Strange Situation Procedure, which measures the child's connection to the mother, and subsequent observation of interactions in the home environment (structured and unstructured games, book viewing, changing and feeding the child , leaving the child in the next room, watching a fairy tale) combined with online interviewing.
Keywords mothers, children, motherhood, parenthood, child care, family, fathers, education Entered / Edited
Research type continual research, qualitative , quantitative
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Obor AN Psychology
Availability available in the NRVDM electronic library
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Organisation Fakulta sociálních studií
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