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Perception of cybercrime among children

Autor Tomáš Daňhelka
Organisation Kraje pro bezpečný internet
Year 2018
Research type research report
Annotation The aim of the research carried out by the project Regions for Safe Internet under the auspices of the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic is to analyze the knowledge and experience of pupils with cybercrime and risky phenomena on the Internet in general. The research involved elementary schools from eleven regions. A total of 50 917 respondents (pupils of the sixth to the ninth grade aged 11 to 16 years) participated in the research. To obtain data, a quantitative questionnaire survey was carried out through anonymous online questionnaires, which were distributed to primary schools through regional school prevention coordinators to school prevention methodologists.
Keywords cybercrime, internet, prevention, risky behavior, cyberspace, social networks
Research type quantitative
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Obor AK Sport, leisure time activities
Availability available in the NRVDM electronic library
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Organisation Kraje pro bezpečný internet
Possible connection Individuals using the Internet in education
Individuals in the Czech Republic using Internet - Internet users
Individuals in the Czech Republic using social networks
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Registry administrator Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Operator Národní pedagogický institut ČR
In cooperation Czech Council of Children and Youth
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