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Physical activity and sports preferences of adolescents in relation to the environment - regional comparative study

Autor Michal Kudláček
Organisation Fakulta tělesné kultury, Univerzita Palackého
Year 2015
Research type paper in Journal
Annotation The main aim of this research was to find out the sports preferences and level of their involvement in physical activity among students of two selected secondary schools through an on-line questionnaire survey. A total of 238 students participated in the research.
Keywords sport preferences, physical activity, adolescents, environment
Research type quantitative
Start date
End date
Obor AK Sport, leisure time activities
Availability available by the researcher
Research location Fakulta tělesné kultury, Univerzita Palackého, Olomouc, Česká republika
Organisation Fakulta tělesné kultury, Univerzita Palackého
Possible connection Physical activity
Registry administrator Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Operator Národní pedagogický institut ČR
In cooperation Czech Council of Children and Youth
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