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Educational reproduction and cultural capital . A qualitative study

Autor Kateřina Vojtíšková
Organisation FSV UK
Year 2013
Research type Ph.D. thesis
Annotation The dissertation work is concerned with the choice of secondary education in families, the influence of family and school on the choice of pupils born in the 1st half of 90s. The analysis is based on data obtained from two qualitative studies: 1. Focus groups with mothers of children in the ninth year of the compulsory education: students of (selective) multi-year grammar schools; pupils from basic schools (the main education stream); 2. Case studies carried out in two Prague schools focused on two classes in the eight and ninth year (2008-2010). The aim of both the studies was to map subjective perspectives of the participating actors – parents, pupils and teachers, to show different interests, attributed meanings, values in upbringing, education, abilities to distinguish types of high schools due to prospects of the new generation in the contemporary society. The central research question is what mechanisms contribute to differentiation of education ways of Czech pupils between primary and secondary school and which ways the institutions of school and family are involved in the process of choosing the secondary education.
Keywords education, educational inequalities, school ethnography, focus groups, cultural resources, social categorization, school failure
Research type qualitative
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Obor AO Sociology, demography
Availability available in the NRVDM electronic library
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Organisation FSV UK
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